29. Dezember 2018 07:00

How to create engagment?

The answer is simple: let people engage with real things, not virtual things. It's basically about creating a relationship, investing time, being honest and creating real value for your counterpart. Thats what we do at JaBaDu, through advertising campaigns on private cars we create relationships within a defined timeframe, with duties and rights - just like in any other real relationship.

Creating a true customer relationship is a real challenge these days. Reasons for this might be the effects of digitisation on consumption and the interpretation of content or threats such as terrorismclimate change or the increasing uncertainty of employees in many industries due to the impact of AI and machine learning.

Let's be honest: we are constantly distracted today and it is very hard to keep the attention even during a normal conversation - easily interrupted by push-up notifications, snaps or ideas for the next instagram postBut how can we get our customers' attention back ?

We have to create real value for them, just like Friends and families do. They always share valuable information about products, events or services. We do the same in our community and help to spread the word in selected micro communities - a bit like influencer but realer.

How we can create real engagment? We think that creating a real relationship through #CarAdvertisingCampaigns with (potential) clients that already like your brand is the solution. Why?

  1. People think this brand is cool and they would certainly like that this cool brand devotes attention to them and therefore commiting that they are cool.

People always seek attention.. booking selected cars for #carAds give attention to chosen segment and a positive feeling for those who are selected. This creates a PREMIUM feeling, like the golden button from LinkedIn Premium and it definitely changes the perception of a brand.

2. Build relationships through regular interactions with clients during#CarAdvertisingCampaigns

Repetition is key and this contributes to a stable & healthy relationship. Those with the permission to showcase a brand on their car, can contractually be obliged to fulfil pre-defined tasks during a certain period. It's up to the client to define whether giving feedback about the brand experience, specific products or commenting on Instagram posts would be part of the contract.

3. Reward your clients for promotions with your own products or cash

Are you ready to invest in your relationship? The better the reward, the better the perception of your brand. We suggest to pay the first months in cash and continue the #CarAdvertisingCampaigns with product rewards to deepen the relationship.

Summary: Attention, regular interaction and rewards are necessary to build a relationship. In a healthy relationship people engage on an intrinsic level and this is exactly what brands need to increase their brand value.


There are so many opportunities.. like facilitating the on-boarding process or lower acquisition costs. But the most important is: #CarAdvertisingCampaigns creates value for brands and clients at the same time companies advertise.

We think so much money in marketing is wasted and we aim to change how marketing expenses are spend today. 

Thanks for your time! Real business cases will be published soon.